On Sunday we decided to take our Dahons for a spin out to the Aylmer Marina and back. We’ve been out on them once already this season. On this second trip NosyNeighbour wore his cycling shorts so I knew the cadence would be higher and the speed faster.

Folding bikes are still relatively rare in Ottawa. We got a few looks on the Quebec pathway when we passed road bikes. I’m still amazed that our little wheels can move so fast.

There was a bit of a crosswind in the more open sections along the path, but the worst was saved for our ride back over the bridge. We had already decided that we’d take the path along the Ontario side instead of Island Park as part of our warm down.

We cut up Carleton, and were waiting at the lights at Scott, when two young girls cycled up behind us. They almost bumped each other because they were looking at our bikes. One of them says to me: I like your bike. It’s really cute.

I told her that it folds up. She looks at me inquisitively, not really sure what to make of my comment. So I asked if she wanted to see it happen. NosyNeighbour was over by the post pushing the button so I asked him to fold up his bike. The two girls watched in amazement as he folded the bike in less than 30 seconds, picked it up and crossed the street.

They cycled away with one saying to the other: I’m going to have to tell my Mom about that!