Tacolot & Suzy Q

The sun showed up earlier than expected this morning, pushing away the clouds shortly after the Saturday morning coffee was brewing. After the cat was walked and somewhat tired, we put on our walking shoes for a tasting fest down in Hintonburg.

I’ve been walking by so many new eats so today was the day. Armed with a pocketful of change, we set off to see what Suzy Q, Tacolot and the Hintonburger had in store.

We arrived at the Tacolot first. Nice play on words because it’s a taco joint in a parking lot. They were just opening up, with the owner writing on the chalkboard that faces the street. Our choices were beef, chicken, pork and veggie. Then an arrow pointed us to the left to order. A line up was already forming, so we decided to start with dessert first.

In Suzy Q the donuts of the day were written in chalk on a wall. Not all of them were available. Some were still in process in the back. One type was having problems with its topping. We opted to share a lime margarita donut, which they kindly cut in half for us. I got the bigger half. That icing was to die for. It really made me think of the great margaritas I’ve sipped on a hot sunny day at Agave Grill.

Once the donut was finished and icing all licked off, we walked back to Tacolot. Now there were two lines, one for ordering and a crowd at the other side for pick up. We ordered a pork taco, left our name and then sat down on the bistro sets that were arranged in front. All the seats were taken and still people were arriving.

Our pulled pork taco ... nice touch with the side of watermelon

While we waited, Mark’s order was called out for pick up. No Mark appeared. The next order was called out, then Mark’s order again. This went on until our order was ready. We ate it, sharing and somewhat messily, before heading back. As we were leaving, we heard it one last time, “Is there a Mark here?”

Walking back along the sunny side of the street we stopped in at GT. A bunch of tops were marked down so I decided to pick three and try them on. I rang the bell to get an attendant. Nobody appeared. I rang again, and this time the cashier paged for someone to go to the change room. Still nobody appeared. So I rang again. And again. Then she paged Mark. Made me wonder if he’d ordered the taco and that’s why he wasn’t showing up. But it wasn’t the same guy who had ordered ahead of us. And none of the tops were that flattering, so on we went.

We still had $4 in change to spend. Instead of going to the Hintonburger, we stopped at Frenchie’s chip wagon for a small fry. He cuts the potato right in front of you then fries them up. If you ask for salt and vinegar, he adds it by spraying on the vinegar while the fries are still in the scoop and then shakes on the salt. Yummy.

Frenchie was clearly a Sens fan and was trying to get the game on 1200. But he couldn’t figure out how to get his mini stereo onto AM. Every customer arriving heard the same story and tried to figure out while they waited for their order. I was tempted to ask him how much he was willing to spend and then go back to GT. But then I wondered if Mark would figure it out.