Yesterday I felt like a kite walking home. The sun was warm on my face but the wind was biting. And I was alone for my walk through Hintonburg and Wellington West while my walking buddy explores Portugal.

The coldest part of my walk was walking over the Somerset Street bridge until it turns into Wellington. With my head down and shoulders bunched up trying to stay warm, I almost didn’t notice that the future Dollarama store has papered over its windows. Normally this wouldn’t be news, except the paper was Dollarama wrapping paper. This news and the green paint above the windows must mean the sign is going up soon.

As I continued along Wellington telling myself it was better to be walking than on the bus, I was so tempted to stop in at Suzy Q. But then I remembered that they sell out early so I stayed on the south, sunnier side of the street. Then I remembered that a Mexican place was supposed to have opened up in the same parking lot. I could just make out a southwestern scene painted on the building under the street-side window. The back-lit signs above the windows had been removed, so again another sign must be on its way.

At Collected Works, the renovations on the expanded side continue. It looks so much better than before. I may even pop in to buy a book when it’s done. Fab Baby Gear seems to add a bit more stock every time I walk by too.

Because I hadn’t walked home in a couple of weeks, my body told me this morning not to do it again. Instead I decided to cycle.

Cycling is still better than bussing, especially when it’s dry and sunny outside. I didn’t have to worry about ice on the roads or pathways. But that didn’t mean that my cold bike wasn’t going to fight changing gears and braking.

It did slow me down enough to stop at the busy arteries, and it made me think about taking the route with fewer stops. So I snaked my way through Tunney’s Pasture and linked up with the river path at Parkdale.

As I passed the traffic lights on the Parkway, I saw a very cold-looking cyclist shifting from foot to foot waiting at the lights. I was glad to be moving, albeit slowly.

The wind picked up when I crossed the wooden bridge over the creek. The slats popped as the old clunker rode over them. My legs felt like I was leaning up against a cold window. I tucked my chin behind my neck tube and picked up the pace.

The clunker will have a day off tomorrow since snow, sleet, ice pellets and rain are in the forecast for tomorrow. I can handle some rain, but that mix just doesn’t sound fun. Hopefully my body will have recovered from yesterday’s walk home in time to do another one tomorrow.