Anthony’s has been open for about three weeks now. And last night we decided to give it a try.

We got there around 6:45 p.m. We should have waited another 15 minutes to have a childfree zone, but the kids that were there were almost finished eating and not too noisy. In the space of 15 minutes the families cleared out and were replaced by a younger child free group.

Their menu is small, and I suspect it will change based on feedback from customers. They have one or two salads, one or two appetizers, but we were there for pizza. The pizzas are somewhere between a small and a medium. Enough for a hungry guy, but enough for a slice for lunch the next day if you don’t feel like eating it all.

For beverages. we opted for the Italian draft beer Moretti’s. They had another beer on tap, some sort of Molson swill under a different name. Our server, who was exceptionally cheery was going to explain the wines on offer, but we said that we’re beer drinkers so he didn’t have to.

The service was great. Our server even came over to say that a large take out order was ahead of us so it might be a few minutes. It wasn’t long at all, likely because the wood oven cooks the pizzas pretty quickly at 700 degrees.

They have several types of spiced oils to put on your pizza. We opted for the spicy olive oil, which was really tasty. I had the Quattro something pizza, which came with the four ingredients divided on top: prosciutto, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. NosyNeighbour chose the spicy sausage.

Be careful to check whether your selected pizza is a calzone. I almost chose a calzone based on the ingredients. One was delivered to the table beside us and it was massive.

Interestingly, the bills are written up by hand, but they have a wireless credit card machine. I guess the cash register is on order.

Before we left, I looked to see if Anthony was busy behind the counter. Without realizing that NosyNeighbour was almost at the door, I decided to walk over and say thanks for letting us have the sneak preview.

We chatted about pizzas and he even invited NosyNeighbour down to try making whole wheat pizzas together. He thinks the whole wheat flour would catch fire, but he’s willing to try it with us some day.  Anthony is a really friendly guy who loves his work. As he put it, how can you not love coming to work when you smell fresh coffee, fresh dough rising and wood burning in the oven?

I would have had some pics, except the camera battery was dead. Not that I’m pointing the finger at anyone for that….