Earlier this week, NosyNeighbour and I had a chat with the postie as he was delivering mail on our street. Because it’s Ontario March Break this week, our regular postie must have taken the week off. The replacement one was arriving around lunchtime and looked familiar.

It turned out it was the one who had opened up Postino’s. It’s been closed down for a while because of a water leak. Well the water leak is now fixed and he’s looking to hire someone so he can reopen.

I also asked him about his donuts (I’ve already blogged about how delicious they were). A neighbour on the street was raving about Suzy Q’s donuts and how they were a big hit at a meeting he brought them to. He was saying how awesome the maple bacon donut was and it got me thinking that maybe that was where Postino’s got his. And yes, they are in fact from Suzy Q. So, I don’t need to walk all the way to Hintonburg if I crave a Suzy Q donut. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Hopefully we’ll see Postino’s open again soon.