There’s an unwritten rule that you don’t sit beside someone on the bus when there are lots of other empty seats around. It’s like going into the stall beside someone in the washroom at work. It encroaches on people’s personal space. And we’re big on that in Canada and most part of the U.S.too. After all, we have lots of space.

Today I had to take a different bus route because of an appointment before work. I get on the virtually empty articulated bus and take a seat in the first forwarding facing seat behind the bus driver. About half a dozen people are spread out around the bus, mostly towards the middle doors.

Two stops later, a young hoody-clad woman gets on and sits beside me. The worst part was because I had my backpack I was sitting on both seats. So I’m thinking to myself, why are you encroaching on my personal space. I pull off one of my gloves to get something out of my backpack and realize I must have gotten a papercut because there’s blood all over one of my fingers.

Hoody sitting beside me isn’t listening to an i-Pod or reading a book, so I’m pretty sure she must have seen the blood. She remains. All the way to the last stop, where I too am going.

I get off the bus and see a bus I could take downtown and then transfer again to get toHull. But I decide because she’s running for it, I’ll wait for a direct bus and get my personal transit space back.