I used to be a big fan of Tim Hortons, even going so far as to name a cat Timbit (may he rest in peace). We used to stop in the Arnprior Tims before a day of skiing at Calabogie, pick up coffee and a 20-pack of timbits. In fact, I was ecstatic when grocery stores started selling Tim’s coffee so that I could have it at home.

But then Bridgehead moved into my neighbourhood, once, twice, then again and again. And I grew up to adult coffee tastes and ditched the Tims. The timing also coincided with the “bakery change” and the corporation. That is, when all donuts and timbits were made corporately, frozen and shipped to the franchise for last-minute baking. It changed the entire timbit experience for me and I turned my head on Tims.

But this morning I hadn’t been able to have a coffee before going to work and I was started to get the caffeine-withdrawal headache. So I caved in, rooted around for change in my purse and stood in the long, slow line up at the Tims in my building.

As I stood waiting, squinting at the sign because my glasses were on my desk, I realized it was roll up the rim at Tims. Would I remember the “Anil” move (fold coffee cup flat with arrow in middle facing you, magically roll up rim on first try)?

In the years when I drank a lot of Tim’s coffee, I would maybe win one coffee in 30 cups. When I sometimes drank it, like maybe once a week, I never won.

So today, as I sat in front of my computer, torn between how good the caffeine felt to be pumping in my veins and how gross the coffee tasted, I almost forgot to roll up the rim.

I remembered the “Anil” move, and got it first try. And I won a coffee. But Tim, you won’t convert me. I may use it to try a latte just to see if you can do that right. And I’ll admit to your being a Canadian institution. But please, can you make an adult cup of coffee?