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Tacolot & Suzy Q

The sun showed up earlier than expected this morning, pushing away the clouds shortly after the Saturday morning coffee was brewing. After the cat was walked and somewhat tired, we put on our walking shoes for a tasting fest down in Hintonburg.

I’ve been walking by so many new eats so today was the day. Armed with a pocketful of change, we set off to see what Suzy Q, Tacolot and the Hintonburger had in store.

We arrived at the Tacolot first. Nice play on words because it’s a taco joint in a parking lot. They were just opening up, with the owner writing on the chalkboard that faces the street. Our choices were beef, chicken, pork and veggie. Then an arrow pointed us to the left to order. A line up was already forming, so we decided to start with dessert first. Read the rest of this entry »


 Yesterday I felt like a kite walking home. The sun was warm on my face but the wind was biting. And I was alone for my walk through Hintonburg and Wellington West while my walking buddy explores Portugal.

The coldest part of my walk was walking over the Somerset Street bridge until it turns into Wellington. With my head down and shoulders bunched up trying to stay warm, I almost didn’t notice that the future Dollarama store has papered over its windows. Normally this wouldn’t be news, except the paper was Dollarama wrapping paper. This news and the green paint above the windows must mean the sign is going up soon. Read the rest of this entry »

Anthony’s has been open for about three weeks now. And last night we decided to give it a try.

We got there around 6:45 p.m. We should have waited another 15 minutes to have a childfree zone, but the kids that were there were almost finished eating and not too noisy. In the space of 15 minutes the families cleared out and were replaced by a younger child free group. Read the rest of this entry »

Wow, can you believe it’s only March and the bike paths are packed every morning?  

Last weekend, we dusted off our old clunker commuter bikes and went for a ride along the Ottawa River, following my route to work. We only encountered two snowy patches, where I had to push my bike for about 20 feet. With temperatures in the 20s all weekend, I figured by Monday the snow would be gone.

The snow along the path was gone by Monday morning, and by Monday afternoon the path was completely dry. And it wasn’t even Spring yet!  

Because the temperatures are so hot, the melting snow brings waves of fog every morning, especially along the river. I can start off with clear skies and encounter a patch of fog along the bridge. Or I ride to work fog-free, then look out the window 10 minutes later and see a bank of low fog rolling in across downtown. Read the rest of this entry »

Last weekend, we took a walk around the neighbourhood. I remember walking by Aroma Meze and seeing a couple in one of the window seats. Then yesterday a neighbour told me that Aroma Meze had closed. On Sunday he saw them papering up the windows and a truck was parked outside.

Since then, I’ve learned that it’s closed until March 23, when it will re-open as Santorini, Greek Family Restaurant, with the same owner. They’re now hiring, if you’re interested.

Back in December, I blogged about some information I’d found in the Ottawa Business Journal. In an article about the reopening of Ikea, there was a mention of a new brew pub opening in the former location of le Bifteque (not sure of the spelling since the sign has been gone a while).

Well, in yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen, Ron Eade reveals more.  Read the article and visit the links. Will let you know progress when I visit Ikea next time (which should be soon since I have two friends looking to update their kitchens!) Read the rest of this entry »

Earlier this week, NosyNeighbour and I had a chat with the postie as he was delivering mail on our street. Because it’s Ontario March Break this week, our regular postie must have taken the week off. The replacement one was arriving around lunchtime and looked familiar.

It turned out it was the one who had opened up Postino’s. It’s been closed down for a while because of a water leak. Well the water leak is now fixed and he’s looking to hire someone so he can reopen. Read the rest of this entry »

I read a news article last week that compared the behaviour of rich people with not-so-rich people. The findings indicate that most rich people are unethical, even to the point of taking candy meant for kids. Well, since this is a childfree blog, I can’t condemn them for that one. The article got me thinking about the difference between rich and poor. Are rich people rich because they’re cheap?

In my 20s, I had a bit of a spending problem. When I was bummed out in my go-nowhere job, I would shop with the credit cards to make myself feel better. It was a never ending cycle. Eventually I grew up and realized that credit card debt is the worse debt to have. Since then I’ve paid off my credit bill in full every month. With the exception of the month that I misplaced it.

When NosyNeighbour and I attended a pre-retirement workshop, I realized just how different our spending patterns are compared to the average working person. So, here’s my list of “I’m so cheap ….”

  1. I walk home from work at least three days a week to save the six bus tickets it would have taken me to get home.
  2. I always bring my lunch to work.
  3. I rarely buy a coffee or drinks at work.
  4. I make a meal plan each week so I don’t waste food (and only buy meat when it’s on sale!)
  5. I always bring a list shopping and rarely buy things not on the list.
  6. I have never driven to work if I’ve had to pay for parking.
  7. All summer I cycle to work, even if it’s raining or cold.
  8. I won’t buy anything over $20 without shopping around for the best deal.
  9. I believe that price tags are suggested only and always ask if I can get a better deal.
  10. I know the difference between a need and a want. (e.g. I want a new purse, but I NEED a vacation!)

NosyNeighbour and I walked through the burg on our way home from work today. He always brings a different perspective than when I walk home with my walking buddy. And he’s got his nose going again.

I’d noticed something was missing on the north side of Somerset, just west of the bridge over the O-train. Today I remembered it was a Pho something restaurant, a small Vietnamese place that always seemed like it belonged on the other side of the tracks. Well the sign was gone and construction work was well under way. We were on that side of the street anyways so we looked at the building permit posted in the window (which said interior and exterior renovations going over four months). Then we looked through the glass, just like Alice. Read the rest of this entry »

Wow, what a disappointment, on so many levels.

First, a bunch of people from my work went there this Wednesday. The feedback was:

The lamb curry was $15 for two mouthfuls of lamb, with two baby potatoes cut in half swimming in a mediocre tomato paste

Food definitely not worth the high cost.

Beer was good but really expensive.

So my expectations weren’t high, and I was still hopeful that it might just be working out the kinks in a new restaurant. But NosyNeighbour and two friends and I still wanted to try it. I looked on line and there was no reservation booking system so I called on Thursday to make reservations for Friday night. Read the rest of this entry »


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