Today we left St. Anton, heading back towards Munich. Our original plan was to stay at the Arthotel again, but when our return flight changed, we didn’t want to risk trying to get from downtown to the airport for 6:00 a.m.

We booked in at the Best Western in Neufahrn bei Freising for two nights because it’s close to the airport. It’s gotten run down since we were last here. The first room the toilet was broken, but at least the fridge opened. The second room has a working toilet, but the bathroom isn’t the cleanest. And the fridge is locked, which is how the first room should have been. Oh well, we only had two beers, a couple of tetra juice packs and some apples, which should survive until tomorrow.

With all the snow that fell this year in Austria, the avalanche risk has been unusually high. In fact, on Wednesday a Swedish tourist was killed in Ischgl on a groomed intermediate piste, and on Friday a Dutch prince was buried in an avalance in Lech and is in hospital in Innsbruck now. On Thursday while we were skiing at Rendl, an avalanche buried the front door of the St-Christophe Hotel, which explains why that side of St. Anton was closed until Friday.

So as we were leaving St. Anton we wondered whether we should pay to take the Arlberg tunnel, or go over the Arlberg Pass. NosyNeighbour made the call of the tunnel, despite Hani’s assurance that the pass would be fine. Just before we paid at the tunnel, we saw a road sign saying the Arlberg Pass was closed. Glad we didn’t drive part way only to turn around.

We weren’t really in a rush today, but that didn’t stop someone from driving 200 km/h. And we did get stuck in some autobahn traffic jams, mostly near tunnels or major interchanges. For lunch, we drove into Landsberg am Lech, which we visited a few years ago as part of our Romantic Road winter adventure. We ate our lunch in the car, parked in the Aldstadt, trying to figure out if we had to pay for parking. In the end, we decided to continue driving. In hindsight, we probably should have gone for a walk there, because there is nothing to do in Neufahrn at all.

Tonight we went to the Ikea for supper. We had lots of time to kill so we wandered through the whole store, avoiding short cuts. Tomorrow we’re thinking of heading to  Nuremburg and maybe Augsburg for the day. Then we’ll have another night in Neufahrn before flying back home. Vacation is almost over.

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