It’s sad to think that our time in St. Anton is coming to an end. With everything I’ve been through in the past year and a half, I’m happy that we skied every day but one (the big snow day). I’ve got a sinus thing happening right now, which I hope will be done before we fly home. And the last time we visited Austria and I got a sinus thing my eardrum ruptured on the flight from Philly home.

Today was a most excellent day of skiing. We started a bit late because the skies were overcast and my head wasn’t feeling the greatest. But by 11:30 we were at the top of the Gampen, heading for the top of Kapall.

We hadn’t taken any videos of our skiing yet, so I decided that our first run from the top of Kapall we should do some videos with fresh legs. I handed the camera to NosyNeighbour about half way through piste 36 and asked him to make a video.

On the video making front, let’s just say that we’re getting a helmet cam to stop future frustrations and arguments. With respect to my skiing during what should have been a video shoot, I had my first tumble. So I guess it’s good he wasn’t actually shooting any footage. A guy cut me off, I hit three moguls gaining speed with each one. I was actually okay until I stopped, just in front of a roped off area.

I discovered it was roped off because it was deep unpacked snow, with a tree underneath. How, you might ask? Because when I stopped, my downhill ski sank into the snow. The uphill ski was on firmer snow. Can you picture it? Downhill ski drops two feet, uphill ski stays where it is and body keeps going with momentum from all that speed. Head hits the powder and skis goes overhead. Now I can see the tree and the reason why it was roped off.

It took a couple of runs in the sun to get my mojo back, but eventually I did and enjoyed an excellent day of skiing in mildish weather compared to the -20 we had on our arrival. And I only had one fall. NosyNeighbour had more, but none were as spectacular as mine.

I haven’t figured out how to upload the movies to the netbook yet, so those will be uploaded when we get home.

It’s sad to think we only have a few more days. We’re getting older and should probably think about a better training regimen before ski holidays to truly enjoy them, but it’s soooooo much better than being at work!

Here are today’s pics. There aren’t many because we were just enjoying the day.

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