Fuhrman Stube

We’ve been to this restaurant many times. But it has changed owners so the menu has changed a bit. I really miss their Tomatenzuppe. But overall the meal was still good value for money. They do pack them in here so don’t expect a romantic meal. We were seated with a group of four in their 60s and another couple. All of them were German speaking. The gentleman beside me even shared some of his dessert when I asked him what it was. Can’t remember his response, or maybe that’s couldn’t understand him.


I was half way through the meal before I realize I’d eaten here before. It’s in the Hotel Kristall, which is the first hotel we stayed in when we stumbled across St. Anton almost 10 years ago. It’s a bit more expensive than the Fuhrman Stube, but worth it for better quality. I liked it because you could order kleine portions of schnitzel, saving room for dessert. The apfelstrudel was delicious, with a scoop of tasty vanilla icecream, a dollop of whipping cream and a few strawberries.

Pizzeria San Antonio

This restaurant is tasty, close and good value for the money. We spent 36 euro for two pizzas, a beer and a radler. It’s not too dressy, and we felt comfortable wearing our ski stuff for our meal because we were on our way down to the Rodelbahn.


This was by far our best in St. Anton. The roaring fire, thick wood beams and ecclectic farming decor gave a warm ambiance. The menu had changed a bit since our last visit. I remember fondue and spatzle being a focus and a huge salad bar. Don’t forget to ask if there’s an evening special. NosyNeighbour had the rumpsteak with potatoes and roasted vegetables. I had a mouthful of the steak and it was really tasty. I had the green salad with roast chicken and wasn’t disappointed either. It was a huge plate that could have fed two people easily. We watched as other people arrived and ordered massive plates piled high with huge pieces of meat. Definitely arrive hungry!


For our last night we tried a new to us restaurant, the Maximillian. It’s across the street from the Fuhrman Stube and always seemed busy when we walked by. We had checked the menu a few nights ago, and discovered it had Tomatensuppe (which I love!) and the prices were reasonable.

I opted for the “homemade pasta” with salad after my bowl of soup. NosyNeighbour had the chicken schnitzel with potato salad. The homemade pasta was actually cheese spatzle. The plate was huge and I only managed about half of it. Tastewise, it was way better than the one across the street, probably because it had bacon and fried onions in it. Grease always tastes better, doesn’t it?

On a funny note, we were looking at our bill and trying to figure out the abbreviations at the bottom. Our waitress came by and we started chatting. She used to waitress in Australia, but left when the laws relating to pay changed. Then she worked as an investment banker for seven years before returning to waitressing at St. Anton.

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