If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know that we like to get a deal and that we don’t have kids. So I was torn on which strategy to take for an enjoyable time at the Schwimmbad in the Arlberg Wellness Centre.

After 7 p.m., the price drops from 12.50 to 9.50 euros. But it’s early enough that more kids might be there. And our muscles really needed some whirlpool action to get rid of the knots. We eventually decided on just after 7 p.m.

We had removed all valuables from our pockets and just brought enough cash to get in and have a locker. What NosyNeighbour forgot is that you have to pay for towels. Each towel requires a 20 euro deposit, plus 4 euros for the rental of the towel. The locker is a 2 euro coin for each one.

What to do? We only had enough for one towel rental. The cashier said if we left a piece of ID or a key we could skip the deposit. So we opted for one towel and no locked locker. We found one that we’d have a pretty good vantage of from the pool and the outdoor whirlpool.

Now let me tell you about the whirlpool. It probably holds 20 to 40 people, but is best when there’s fewer than 10 people. The pool goes through cycles that last about 5 minutes each. The first one has the outer jets turned about 45 degrees and at full power. This creates a pretty powerful current. If you can catch the side of the pool, you can really work on the sore quad muscles. But be careful if you’re swimming around because the force can blow off / up your bathing suit.

The next cycle turns off the outer jets and increases the inner jets, where there’s a bench. It’s not quite as powerful as the outer one, but you don’t feel like you’re going to drown because of the current. The next cycle adds streams of cold air from the seat in the middle. A little bit like a therapeutic tub versus a whirlpool. Then it goes back to the first cycle.

There were some rambunctious kids in the whirlpool. Don’t be afraid to defend your space is my recommendation. We worked out the kinks in the legs. We left feeling a bit prunish, but happy that we’d gone.

On our way back, we saw some skiers returning from the Krazy Kangaruh. One of them had fallen over in the parking lot and the other two were trying to pick him up. I guess I’m getting old, because that just has no appeal for me.

Since we couldn’t bring the camera, you can see pics here.