I’m a winter person, so I do love snow, especially fresh powder when I’m on a ski holiday. But really, it’s better that it falls light and fluffy overnight, while I’m sleeping.

It snowed all day yesterday and you could hardly see the hill. The number of runs open was limited as well. As a result, we forfeited our last day of skiing and opted to walk around the town. We started from our apartment in Nasserein and went through the pedestrian village, ducking into shops to get out of the wind. At the end of the pedestrian section, we continued up through the Oberdorf and to Gastig.

Along the way, we stopped to try to get views looking down to the road. You could barely see the bottom of the ski out piste on Rendl. We did see the Arlberg tunnel as it crossed the river and re-entered the rock face.

On our return, we stopped at the Spar and picked up a few more groceries. Walking was a tough slog because we had our ski pants on to stay dry and warm, but when you walk uphill (and you come from flat land back home), you can really get overheated.

The snow continued all day and the wind whipped it around. Our view of the ski hill is getting smaller and smaller as the snow keeps piling up on the roof of the house below us.

For supper, we went to the closest restaurant, just up the hill at the end of the Rodelbahn. The Rodelalm (or sledge stable in English) gave us the best meal so far. The roaring fire, thick wood beams and ecclectic farming decor gave a warm ambiance. The menu had changed a bit since our last visit. I remember fondue and spatzle being a focus and a huge salad bar. But our meals last night were excellent.

NosyNeighbour had the evening special of rumpsteak with potatoes and roasted vegetables. I had a mouthful of the steak and it was really tasty. I had the green salad with roast chicken and wasn’t disappointed either. It was a huge plate that could have fed two people easily. We watched as other people arrived and ordered massive plates piled high with huge pieces of meat. Definitely arrive hungry!

Another highlight of our meal was watching the huge Rodelmachine clear the parking lot of snow. It’s fascinating how snowclearing is done around the world. In Canada we build huge ditches to push the snow in the winter. In small European villages they have an efficient method of removing snow from narrow country lanes. In fact NosyNeighbour and the woman next to us kept going to the window to watch the big machine in action.

The snow is still falling today and, despite hearing the booms of avalanche control all last night, even fewer runs are open today. When we woke up this morning, St. Anton had about 10 runs open. An our later, it was down to one. In fact as the morning progesses, more runs are closing than opening.

So we’re waiting to see if more will open by noon so that we can get some skiing in before we leave on Saturday.

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