We had the best of intentions to start skiing early this morning. The watch alarm and cell phone alarm were both set for 7 a.m. We woke up, looked out the window, made coffee, then checked to see what runs were open on the Internet.

The answer to the last task was not very many. We ate breakfast, made lunch, then checked again. The number of open lifts and runs was shrinking every hour. So we decided to wait for the 11:41 bus and head over to Rendl for a half day of skiing.

The bus got us to the Kassa for 11:53, and our new passes for a day and a half would be vactivitated 7 minutes later. Thankfully, the line up was so long to get on the Rendlbahn we didn’t need to worry about them not working when it was our turn to be scanned.

I was amazed that our gondola actually had the maximum 8 people in it. People don’t cue well here, and because you’ve got to be scanned to get onto most lifts, there aren’t attendants about to get people organized.

When we got to the top of the Rendlbahn, I was shocked to see sunny  spots on the runs. It was still snowing, but the visibility was much better than expected. We stayed there for most of the afternoon, tackling mogul-filled runs and then doing the ski out run to the bottom around 3:00.

From the bottom, we headed over to the Gampenbahn and then did the 21, 23 heading back to Nasserein. We ended up on a black expert run, but honestly it was the easiest to do because not many people had skied on it and there was lots of powder everywhere.

We’re having dinner in tonight after we go to the Schwimmbad. I can’t wait to sit in the outdoor hot tub. Need to make sure our muscles can handle one more day of skiing!

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