We had a late start to the ski day and almost didn’t go. I’m glad we did though because I think tomorrow’s storm may close a lot of runs with high avalanche risk.

We didn’t ski for long and stuck to the St. Anton side because I wasn’t feeling great. At the top of the Gampen you’d get moments of sunshine and start skiing fast because you could see all the changes in the terrain. Then you’d hit a spot with dull light and keep your knees bent and hope for the best. I only took a couple of pics during the day because the snow came and went and visibility wasn’t great.

We had just missed a bus to take us back up the hill. NosyNeighbour was really sweet and carried both sets of skis up the hill, while I took the poles. We managed to beat the next bus up the hill.

I also wanted to make sure that I saved some energy for the Rodelbahn tonight. It’s 4.5 km of groomed zigzaggy trail through the woods, ending just up the street from our apartment. Ironically, while we wear helmets for skiing, we don’t for this. It’s somewhat lit, but there are stretches where you’re in almost complete darkness. And it’s only open in the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have a sneaky feeling after the 48 cm of snow forecast for tomorrow, it won’t be open this Thursday.

We had dinner just down the street and San Antonio’s. It’s known as a pizza place (thin crust), but has lots of choices on its menu. We both opted for pizza. It wasn’t an overly romantic dinner because we were both dressed in our ski gear ready to walk down the rest of the hill to the Nassereinbahn.

I’m not sure whether it’s because we arrived half an hour after it opened, but it didn’t seem nearly as crowded as in past years. I was almost worried we wouldn’t find anyone to take our picture at the top.

The conditions this year were excellent. And they’ve made it easier to find the top of the piste from the ski trail. In fact they’ve fenced off the ski trail so you really can’t screw up. Nothing like accidentally taking a toboggan down an expert run in the dark with groomers coming up at you.

All the snow on the mountain made for extra high walls so there was no fear of going over the cliff as in the first year we did it. The corners were icing up nicely too, so you just had to lean on the ice and hope that the front end turned you around it on rails.

NosyNeighbour says he’s going to get me a helmet cam because he hates having to stop and take movies that don’t end up working out. Our camera can’t flip movies taken on the portrait angle and doesn’t work well in low light. Looking forward to that and just doing the run next time.

At the bottom we had some gluwein and chatted with some British parents who were waiting for their three kids to arrive. They drove their camper home with a couple of other families and their camper homes and stay in Pettneu. They’ve done this several times and find it a great way to ski and visit the continent on a budget.

Without further ado, here is today’s adventure in pictures:

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