Can you say long day of skiing? Can you say sore legs? I can and so can NosyNeighbour. In fact, he’s not just watching eyelid channel, he’s full on snoring as I starting writing this post.

But it was a great day of skiing, starting with a much earlier alarm clock this morning. We were up by 7 a.m., having a breakfast of cereal, with yogurt and milk, and our fresh buns dropped off by Hani every morning. We top these with a yogurtbutter I found at the grocery store, jam, and a soft cheese. I even had a banana this morning.

Once I’d made lunch, we packed up the backpack, got our boots on and walked around the corner with our skis. Okay, NosyNeighbour is being super nice and carrying both sets of skis while I carry the poles. Then we took the #4 line down to the Galzigbahn.

From there, we took piste 7 to the Tansboden, then piste 10 to piste 11 to the Arlenmahder. From there we took piste 17 to the Alpe Raus bus stop. You can take a bus from St Anton to Lech and Zurs. But we’re cheap and it’s free from this stop.

The problem is the number of cheap people skiing here. Nobody lines up, and more and more skiers arrive at the bottom of the run to take the free skibus. Because it’s free, the driver doesn’t have to take any fares. As a result, they typically open the back and middle doors for boarding.

We were positioned to enter at the back door. But he only opened the front and middle door. I squeezed on, and sat in the aisle seat anxiously waiting to see if NosyNeighbour would use the two sets of skis as battering rams to board. Eventually he made it on and sat down beside me. It was standing room only for everyone else.

The drive to Lech and Zurs is fascinating. There are lots of tunnels and avalanche covered areas, many of which were entirely snowed over. Two buses going in opposite directions in the tunnels are a tight squeeze, but the drivers seem to know the schedules and wait in the appropriate wider spots.

A lot of people got off in Zurs and a few people got on. And it was only after we’d completed the Weiss Ring that I realized you can start it from there. But the once-a-year race actually starts in Lech.

  1. Take the Rufikopfbahn (cable car) but be prepared to wait a long time to get up.
  2. Take piste 38a Steinmannle (1.6 km)
  3. Take Schuttbodenlift (t-bar)
  4. Take piste 38a Scuttboden-Zurs (1.6 km)
  5. Take Trittalpbahn (6-seat chairlift, but only 4 entry points were working today)
  6. Take piste 3a Hexenboden Direkte (1.8 km)
  7. Take Seekopfbahn  or Zurserseebahn (4-seat chairlift) on the other side of the road. Stop at the restaurant to refuel, rehydrate or to use the WC if you need to.
  8. Take Madlochbahn (2-seat chairlift)
  9. Take skiroute 33 Madloch-Zug (4.1 km). We had really flat light and it took forever to get down this run.
  10. Take Zugerbergbahn (2-seat chairlift). If you’re cheap like we are, there’s a chairlift seat in the ground where you can stop to eat. We made a lot of people think about lunch when they showed up at the bottom of the run.
  11. Take Balmengratlift (rope tow).
  12. Take piste 34 Kriegeralpe-Oberlech (1.4 km) You can stop in Oberlech for a drink at one of the many restaurants
  13. Take piste 34 Oberlech-Schlegelkopf (2.8 km)

When you’re done, head over to the postbus stop on the same side of the road. It’s opposite to where you were dropped off. I think we took the 2 or 3 back. Most of the bus drivers speak English. Just ask which one goes back to Alpe Raus.

Once we were dropped off at Alpe Raus, we took the t-bar up to the Valfegharbahn and then the 12, 4 and 1 back to St. Anton. We stopped and had a drink at the bottom of the hill and watched skiers of varied abilities work their way through the moguls.

Then we skate skied for one last time over to the Mulden poma lift, to take the 22 to the Kindlisfeld poma, where we waited behind 30 ski school newbies to take the 24 over to Nasserein. Another drink, then off to take the #2 bus back to the apartment.

We’ve been feeling so stuffed from all the big meals that we decided to pick up some salad stuff from the Spar grocery store and had a light healthy meal. Okay, apart from paprika chip snack I had. The walk did us good, stretching out some sore muscles.

My arms are killing me too, from all that poling on the flats! Snow is in the forecast starting tomorrow afternoon. The forecast is calling for 47 cm overnight Wednesday in the mountains.

I’m so pooped I haven’t bothered to put captions in today’s pics. The story is above. Work it out for yourself.

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