Usually we’re early birds on the slopes. Note quite first tracks, but definitely way ahead of the Europeans. I’m going to blame this morning’s tardiness (10:30 start) on only having one day to get over jet lag in Munich.

Despite the watch going off at 7:00, we didn’t get out of bed until 8:30. We didn’t catch the skibus to the Rendalbahn until 10:05. But on the plus side there was no line to get to Rendal.

We decided on Rendl because the wind was supposed to be really bad, and Rendal has morning sun. The new gondola is great. You can take it from St Anton, right from where the bus drops you off. And the seats are heated! That was a nice surprise. Supposedly it’s technology developed right here in Arlberg. I hope they bring that to North America.

When we got to the top, I got a nose bleed. Which really sucked. I wasn’t sure how long it was going to last, so I sent NosyNeighbour off to do a run while I sat in the new comfy wicker chairs with big soft cushions. Despite the cold temperatures, the outdoor spot I chose was sheltered and the sun kept me warm.

When he came back my nose seemed to have stopped bleeding for the most part, so we set off to do a beginner run to see what would happen. That worked, so we continued to explore Rendl. Around 12:30 we decided to go to the top of Rendl and ski down to the bottom. I’ve always remembered it as a leg-burning intermediate run. But today it didn’t seem too bad. I guess I’ve finally learned not to turn as much to conserve muscle power.From there we took the Galzigbahn and headed down the 8 to St. Christoph. It wasn’t as fun as we remembered it, but the views of St. Christoph are amazing.

Back at the top of St. Anton, we took the carving run #5 t o the Osthang and then had planned to take the 9, then 5, then 1 to St. Anton. Except the 9 was closed because of too much snow. Instead we opted for the intermediate #6. Then we realized it was going to take us to a t-bar. The expert #2 would take us exactly where we wanted.

Our legs were still fresh, so we did a black diamond. I have to admit after the nosebleed, I really thought I was going to stick to beginner runs all day. It ended up being my best run of the day. It was steep and long, but only a bit mogully. NosyNeighbour and I flew by all the skiers who were stopped, looking down the run, their knees knocking in fear.

From there we scooted over to the 20, then took the Matturn chairlift up to the top of Gampen. Then we took the Kapall up to the highest point in St. Anton and skied the 36, to the 20, then the 23 and finishing off with the 21.

Then it was bier time for NosyNeighbour and hot chocolate for me. We people watched for a bit, then skate-skied over to the Mulden poma lift (where my glove got stuck to the poma stick when disembarking … scary moment before it finally broke free!). Then we took the 22 to the Fang chairlift and the 24A back to Nasserein.

By now it was past 3:00 and definitely time for a beer. We had a quick one while soaking in the last of the afternoon sun and timed our exit perfectly with the skibus back up the hill.

NosyNeighbour is now watching eyelid channel as I blog. We started our beer (for him) and Radler (for me) out on the balcony. But it was getting a bit cold so we came back inside.

And I know you want to see what today’s skiing looked like, so here are the pics:

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