It felt like coming home today when we pulled off the highway and drove up the hill towards Nasserein. Since our last visit three years ago, quite a bit has changed. Our balcony view is partially obscured by a new house that was built around the corner. On our drive up to Haus Sarlo, we also noticed new bungalows down the street where we used to be able to ski across a field. The snowbanks in the village are humungous and about six feet of snow blankets all the rooftops.

Inside Haus Sarlo we had two nice surprises: free wi-fi and a new flat screen TV. Hani left us her usual chocolate and wine to welcome us. This year we brought her some maple syrup. The can was from Quebec so the label is only in French. She’d never heard of maple syrup, despite having visited Canada once. I explained it’s good on pancakes and pointed to the recipe on the top of the can. It was 1 oz. gin, 4 oz. hot water and 1 oz maple syrup. Given how cold it’s been lately, I imagine she’ll visit her sister next door and try it out tonight.

Not needing to go to the Internet café is great. It’s hard typing in English on a German keyboard because the letters are in different spots on the keyboard.

We’ve done our big grocery order at the store on the way into town. Three stuffed bags full of milk, cereal, yogurt, meat, cheese, fruit, salad stuff, and of course beer and paprika chips. I have a weakness for paprika chips. I’ve almost eaten half the ruffles tube.

NosyNeighbour had a fun time driving here. We had a double upgrade to a Audi A4 turbo diesel. He was able to reach a speed of 210km/h with a big grin on his face. No speed limit and a gas miser: what a combination. Traffic was light on the route we took from Munich towards Bregenz. Google maps says it’s a longer route and wanted to send us over the mountains, but given how much snow they’ve had, we figured sticking to the autobahn would be the smartest option.

He was driving so fast that he forgot to stop to pick up the sticker for the car when we entered Austria. We’ll see if he gets one. I’m guessing not.

So tomorrow we’ll start skiing. Can’t wait!