Okay, I’m hooked. I L-O-V-E business class. And I love it even more when I don’t have to pay for it. The seat wasn’t perfect, but it was way better than sitting cramped in economy. It was a bummer that our flight left late, three hours to be exact. And those were three hours we’ll never get back in Munich.

Food photos will eventually get posted. I can’t believe how much food they give you. It started with pecans and drinks. Champagne or orange juice before we left our parking spot. Once we were up in the air, the booze cart kept reappearing. But I wanted to make sure I didn’t drink too much because I didn’t want to get dehydrated.

For dinner, NosyNeighbour went with the fish theme, starting with prawns, followed by red snapper. I had an asparagus salad, followed by chicken tikka brochettes. Both appetizers came with sides of cheese. I didn’t know how I was going to eat a main course. I managed to sample it, and it was quite tasty. With no room for dessert, but afraid of getting scurvy, I opted for the fresh fruit platter.

I managed to get about five hours of sleep on the plane. Then it was hurry up and wait for the luggage. I’m always amazed coming into Europe. There’s rarely a line up at passport control, and the guy didn’t even talk to us. No Guten Tag, no how long are you staying. Nothing.  Just looked at the photo, looked at me, looked through the passport, then BANG! It was stamped and off we went.

Our fellow passengers huddled around carousel 12 at first and waited. A stand up ad made the circuit of the carousel while we waited and waited. Then somebody shouted out they’d changed it to #8. This was a good thing because it was right beside the bulky luggage drop off. Eventually we picked up our skis and ski bag and made it past the last screening stage. That’s the one where you choose “nothing to declare” and walk out. No complicated paperwork. Why can’t Canada do this?

Usually we take the S-bahn into Munich, but this time we decided to take the Lufthansa airport bus. It was a bit cheaper, but only just. And if you planned to take the S-bahn again in the same day, or are more than two people, the train would be the better deal.

We made it to our hotel no problem. We’ve been to Munich many times and usually get our bearings quite quickly. After we’d dropped off our luggage in our very spacious room, we set off for …. Dirdnl and lederhosen shopping.

I picked up my outfit at F.C. Bayern Fan Dirndl and Lederhosen on Bayerstrasse, near the Hauptbanhoff. We stood outside the store eating some freshly roasted chestnuts (or maroni as they’re known here).

I’d googled a couple of places and had a rough idea of how much it should cost. I was pleased with my 100 euro purchase, but NosyNeighbour couldn’t find lederhosen that fit, so on we went. Part of me was concerned that I bought the first one I tried on, but I told myself that the colour and fit was right so be happy.

Then we went to the Kleidermarkt. They had all kinds of second hand dirndls for a lot less money. Oh well, live and learn. Unfortunately they had no second-hand lederhosen. From there we crossed the street to Wies’n Tracht und mehr. What an experience.

I’ll start with the result …. NosyNeighbour got himself the complete outfit: shirt, knee-length lederhosen, knee-high socks, shoes and bandana for 199 euros. They also threw in a necklace for me. But you absolutely should not go there if you don’t plan to buy. Glasses of champagne magically appeared while NosyNeighbour was trying on the lederhosen.

The woman helping us was dressed in the complete dirndl outfit. We thought we knew what size to get from trying on at the previous store. But these ones fit differently. She called the guy over to help with sizing. He was clearly gay, and couldn’t help but point out that NosyNeighbour is slim and needs to eat more.

Lederhosen are meant to fit tight at the start because they’ll stretch about two sizes. NosyNeighbour isn’t used to wearing tight pants. Gay guy starts checking him out. Too funny.

Then they start explaining about how the bow on a woman’s apron is tied according to her marital status. Right means married, left means single. But as the guy points out, only gay guys know this because all the straight guys are just looking at the cleavage!

So mission accomplished: dirdnl, check; lederhosen, check. On the way back, we stopped in at the Hauptbanhoff for a pretzel. These truly are the best I’ve ever had, and only .65 euro each. You can even get pretzels with extra butter inside.

Next stop is the Augustiner Keller.

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