Sometimes you’re running an errand and you stumble across something new in the ‘hood. This evening we were walking to the post office in Hintonburg to pick up a package. I wish I’d gotten an iPhone for my birthday. I would have had it with me and been able to take pics of what we stumbled upon.

The plywood has been removed at the future Fab Baby Gear (formerly Mostly Danish). New white-framed windows that run flush to the building have been installed, along with double doors. The paper is still up on the windows so you can’t really see in.

The Cake Shop is open, complete with a lit sign. We decided to go in just to be nosy. And we weren’t disappointed … free cookies on opening day (which I knew about but had forgotten). The raspberry cream shortcake is THE BEST COOKIE I’ve ever had. I was going to go for the chocolate fudge one, but NosyNeighbour grabbed that one. So I thought I’d be different and we could swap bites. Even chocoholic NosyNeighbour loved my cookie. How much did I love it? When I went to the drugstore, I told everyone waiting at the prescription counter. Between bites, that is.

On our way back from the post office, we almost bumped into somebody going into the former pawn shop, near Absinthe. He stopped when NosyNeighbour asked when it was opening up. You may remember I previously blogged about the liquor licencse for Anthony’s. Well, we met Anthony, and he invited us in.

He’s the son of the family that owns the bowling alley, Phil’s and Daniel O’Connell’s across the street. Phil’s is actually named for his grandmother, Raphaella. They’re a good Italian family from Naples. The family also had a diner on Bank Street. They’ve been in the restaurant business for years and Anthony grew up in it. This is his first time opening his own restaurant.

The floor is finished, the base for the bar has been built. The wood oven has also been installed. Anthony’s (the restaurant) will be serving wood-oven pizza, pasta and panini. It should be open by the end of the month, liquor license already in place.

Mmmmm …. can’t wait. Will try to get pics soon.