For the past few weeks I’ve been walking home a couple of days a week. And I’ve discovered some nasty intersections for pedestrians. Some are just poorly designed, and others are ruled by cars or buses.

The first one is Promenade du Portage and Eddy on the other side of the river. This is the point that Eddy becomes a one way heading north. The lights aren’t synchronized at all with the traffic flow.

OC Transpo buses whip around the corner from Place du Portage and take up the entire space between Laurier andPortage. Articulated buses don’t even fit.

In the morning, pedestrians, including this one, ignore the traffic signals and cross when they see an opportunity. In the afternoon, articulated buses block the box for this pedestrian trying to head south along Eddy. The traffic light only gives the walking bonhomme if you press the button. Although I’ve stood there waiting for many days I still haven’t figured out the order of the traffic flow.

From there, my least favourite intersection is Booth and the Transitway. Buses constantly run red lights, and pedestrians block the sidewalk at the bus stop. It never ceases to amaze me that the commuters can line up at that stop in the morning, sometimes around the corner and down the old stretch ofWellington Streetthat was orphaned by the Transitway.

At the end of the day a different group of commuters stands there spread out waiting for the same buses. Add to that all the people running across the Transitway intersection and it can become quite chaotic.

If I haven’t already crossed to the west side of Booth, the next problem is Booth and Albert. Cars heading west on Albert turning north to la belle province whip around the corner with no regard for pedestrians. Cyclists zip past you, rarely calling out or ringing a bell.

But still, the walk home is soooo much better than getting crammed into a bus like a sardine in a can.