It’s cold today. The kind of cold that crunches on your feet, freezes on your eyelashes.  And there’s snow on the ground and snowbanks up the street. It finally feels like winter.

Yesterday I decided to walk home in the remnants of the snowstorm. It was the second time this week, but the challenges were different. It wasn’t nearly as cold, but the sidewalks along Booth Street were slushy and slippery. Drivers on the Chaudiere Bridge were speeding along playing a game of how many pedestrians they could cover head to toe in brown muck. Several times I ran off the path and pressed my stomach and face into one of the abandoned buildings so that my back could take the spray instead of my face. I wore my sunglasses like goggles to protect my eyes not just  from snowblindness but also from the chemical we pile on our roads.

On my walk home yesterday I noticed a few new happenings in the hood. So this afternoon we bundled up today to pick up groceries and cat food and take a few pictures.

The brain freeze comes from forgetting to mention that something has appeared in 101 Richmond. We approached from the east side, and I started snapping pics through a dirty glass. Then we reached the entrance and ….. duh, it’s the Qwest showroom, which has moved from across the street. Apparently, construction is starting soon on the south side of Richmond. Cue the excitement!

So the previous pics are mixed in too. We actually went in to the Q showroom and discovered that it’s staffed by a real estate firm, which has its own blog in case you’re interested in buying.