Last night we went to the new Clocktower Pub in Westboro for supper. The place was packed, and I’m glad our neighbours weren’t able to join us or we would have waited even longer. Going out as a couple simplifies so many things.

When you walk in, the wall welcomes you with clocks of all types. There was a free table right by the door, but with groups of four waiting for their tables anyone sitting there would have been gawked and have to wipe the drool from the other customers chins as they watched you eat. So we got a table by a pillar, which was good because it blocked us from the family on the other side. C’mon people, leave your kids at home, or take them to the diner. What is with people taking their kids out on a Friday night?

Okay, sorry for that childfree interlude, but this is a childfree blog, right?

We ordered the goat cheese bruschetta flat bread, which was pretty tasty. I’m glad we ordered an appetizer because the main course too a while. Not really long, but other tables seemed to wait a while. In fact, the couple beside us had their entire bill picked up. And let’s just say they had a LOT to drink while they were waiting for their food.

My blackened salmon salad was a healthy option (dressing on the side) and fairly tasty. Not the best salad I’ve had, but I wasn’t picking out bad leaves of lettuce either. NosyNeighbour’s fish and chips was heavier on the batter than he likes, and the coleslaw could have used more vinegar. The “chips” part was pretty bland. They should buy Costco fries if they’re not making their own.

The beer was tasty; we both had the bitter. It’ll be even better when they get some cask ale on tap.

But I’m saving the best for the last. As you would expect on opening weekend of a new restaurant, not everything went according to plan. In the Clocktower Westboro’s case it was running out of meat loaf and nachos (of all things!) by 6:30 p.m. Then there was not having plates for our appetizer and ketchup for the fries. But we understood that the place was packed. The best part was our server. She drives all the way from Casselman and was just so bubbly. You just couldn’t get mad at her, especially when she said she can’t work in her own town because she’s not bilingual.