I have no crushed my old record for cycling to work in the second coldest capital in the world. Previously I’d ridden the bike to December 6, but I’m already 9 days past that and there’s no end in sight this week!

Yesterday’s ride was quite foggy and I was glad for reflective stripes and flashing lights. This morning was a balmy 8 decrees Celsius, which is so weird for this time of year. It should be a high of -3, with overnight lows in the double negatives. Regardless, I’m not going to complain because it’s keeping me off the bus.

Speaking of the bus, I happened to take one on Monday evening because NosyNeighbour needed the car at the same time. I was waiting for the 86 on Alta Vista, when the 8 came along. The four young guys got on the bus and I decided to wait for the 86 so I wouldn’t have to transfer and since it was only another 10 minutes.

The bus driver closed the door, then reopened it to ask me where I was going. He said to hop on because I could take so many buses to Tunney’s. Then I explained that I really wanted to go to Wellington West. He said that I should get off at Bank so I’d have three options: the 2, 16 and 86. It was the most pleasant bus ride I’ve ever had. The bus driver said hello to every passenger as they boarded, and adjusted the language when he knew the passenger spoke a different one.

When I got to Bank I decided to take the 2, which was probably an error in judgement on my part. The man behind me was coughing without covering his mouth. After two phlegm attacks on the back of my head, I moved to another empty seat. But still, taking the 2 in the evening is always risky and I’m only surprised there wasn’t more going on.

So while I used to dread parking the bicycle for the winter and getting out the bus tickets, now I’m just not looking forward to it.