I can’t believe that the grass is still green. Even when we’ve had no snow at Christmas, it’s rare that it’s actually a green Christmas.

I felt like a yo-yo making today’s commuting decision. The forecast called for snow flurries and temperatures just below zero, but the snow from Monday night hadn’t really accumulated. Most of the paths I saw yesterday were clear so I decided to go by bike again today.

And I wasn’t disappointed. No black ice, no slippery sections on the roads at at all. And the bike lane along Scott was salted too! Drivers along Scott were impatient again this morning. I had a hard time getting across the two lanes to go north on Parkdale. I guess they don’t want to see me on the road. I wish they’d look at it as one less car on the road to make their drive in faster.

The pathway part of my commute still saw a few stray geese gaggling along the river bank just before the railway bridge. The wooden bridge over the creek just west of the War Museum was the only section with snow. But I think it actually may have been a build up of frost and frozen slush from the moisture picked up by tires along the path and dropped on the bridge.

 In fact, today I was going to take the car, not the bus, because I have lunch plans in the far west end. On Monday I scoped out possible parking spots. I didn’t want to have to pay $13 to park for half a day, so I was considering parking on Victoria Island for two hours and then moving to a parking meter for the next two. But I think cycling was the better option. It’s free and it’s exercise.