During the first week of December, I’m still cycling to work. It seems odd that I was hiking on snow-covered trails on the weekend and riding my bike in balmy temperatures for December.

Today’s ride wasn’t too bad. I had to wear my gortex pants over my work clothes, but the temperature was a treat. And while the roads were wet and the air was thick with moisture, it wasn’t raining. Well, yet anyways. I expect the cycle home to be wetter.

It was a nice treat to have the wind at my back too. I’m hoping it will have shifted for the ride home. Am I getting lazy? No, I don’t think so. I’m Nordic pole walking tonight, and I hiked two days in a row.

My only complaint about the commute this morning is waiting FOREVER for the traffic lights to change at the Ottawa River Parkway and Slidell Street. During peak commuter hours, you can press the button and wait 5 minutes for it to change. Another cyclist arrived after I did and worked her way across on the red light. A car sitting on the pad didn’t even speed up the process. The weird thing is that when I’ve crossed there at lunch pressing the button instantly gets the flashing hand up.

No sign of any wildlife this morning. No geese gaggling on the path. No ducks fishing for breakfast. In fact if felt like all of Ottawa was sleeping in this morning. Must be the hangover of Christmas shopping on the first weekend in December.