I know NosyNeighbour has this blog as his home page at work. The title of this post is to get his attention.

Sometimes I like to check out the blogs of people who read my blog. Not every post will appeal to me, but this post at Heartfelt did.

What I can’t believe is that NosyNeighbour hadn’t told me there was a new brewery in town!

 Their website is still a bit of a work in progress, but here’s what they say about kegs:

Headstrong Ales At Home

There’s something to be said about draught beer on tap. There’s even more to be said when that draught beer is craft. For those of us who hanker for a headstrong beer at home, Team Broadhead has brewed up the perfect program to get our flavourful ales in-house

I’m hoping they’ll know what a firkin is. While some of the site is still a work in progress (like who are “the guys”), they’ve focussed on making sure you know what’s being brewed and what’s available now.

So once we track down a Cornelius keg or a growler, we’ll let you know what we think.