You may have noticed we’re cheap on some things but splurge on others. I’m the type of person who only buys meat when it’s on sale. In fact I do most of my meal planning based on the sales of the three grocery stores within walking distance: Basics, Metro and Superstore.

Friday night was one of those great deals in the neigbhourhood. Rocket Rached and the Fat City 8 were playing at the Carleton Tavern. They’re a pretty good band, and there’s no cover at the tavern so we were set for a cheap evening out. I like to know if the band is good when I haven’t had a few drinks so this time I brought the camera.

On our walk there, we noticed this sign at the former Video Flicks on Wellington near Holland:




So I’m not sure if it’s this Finet …  Very odd if it’s a chain.

Then we went in the Carleton and it was PACKED!

WTF, since when is the tavern so busy?

And it was full of young people. We were maybe 20 people maximum the last time (and first time) we saw this band. Then young people started to leave and older people took their seats. The waitress (that’s her on the right holding the pitcher) told us they’d had a play earlier so it was the crossover period for customers.

Just like last time, the band was a bit late starting. But it’s free, right, so you can’t complain.

Here’s a sampling:

So we had a pretty good time bopping in our seats and watching the dance floor fill up and then empty when dancers got thirsty.

On our way back, we talked about Petit Bill’s Christmas display. I hadn’t seen it yet, but love the toboggan run and the climbing Santa. When we arrived in front of the restaurant, we were disappointed. It’s not there. I hope it’s “yet”. We continued on and found this:

Where is this?

When I transferred the pics, I thought “Where the heck is this scene?” I think it’s Sushi Umi. If you know, please share.