Woo-hoo! I’ve made it to December as a cycling commuter in one of the coldest capitals in the world. (I can never remember if we’re the coldest or second coldest).

I have to admit I didn’t think it would happen when I woke up yesterday. The weather forecast was calling for snow yesterday afternoon, but it didn’t materialize in our neighbourhood, so back on the bike again today.

Today was the first morning I’ve seen ice on the road. There wasn’t a lot, but it did make me think while I was riding in the bike lane on Scott. My ride along Scott between Holland and Parkdale wasn’t the most pleasant. Most mornings as I stick my hand out to make the left turn on Parkdale drivers usually slow down to let me make my two lane changes. This morning one almost took off my arm. And I double checked to make sure my rear flashing light was working.

I know it’s been a much warmer fall, but I wish those pesky geese had flown south already. They were gaggling around the path near the railroad bridge and decided to cross right in front of me. There was no time to ring the bell, which doesn’t work well anyways, so I started yelling “HONK! HONKHONKHONK!” Of course that would be when spandex-clad guy goes racing past me. He didn’t even offer a thank you for clearing the geese for him. In fact, I think I heard him chuckle about the noise I made. As long as he wasn’t looking down his nose at me.

The path had no ice at all on it, but the wooden bridge just west of the museum was a bit slick. The scariest part was the Chaudiere bridge. It’s narrowed to two skinny lanes at one of the crossings due to construction. If I pedal really hard I can usually make it through the bridge before traffic catches up. But it was icy along the edges after that.

I have to admit, I’m really tempted to become a winter cyclist. Riding the bus just isn’t as much exercise. Besides, it’s easier dressing for riding the bike than it is for walking to the transitway, waiting for the bus then getting onto an overheated bus. We’ll see how far I can go this year!