After two days of taking the bus to work, I was happy to wake up this morning to above freezing temperatures. It meant that the likelihood of ice on the road or snow on the path would be minimal. And I didn’t encounter either this morning.

Yesterday I took the bus both ways, after discovering that the options from Hull to Tunney’s at the end of the day are numerous. Several 95s and 96s start in Hull at the end of the day. If it means not having to be a lemming at Lebreton, I’ll take it! But taking the bus both ways means not getting enough exercise. So I’ll have to figure out better attire for walking home. And now that the Somerset Bridge is open over the O-train I have more options that are well travelled.

This morning’s ride seemed eerily quiet compared to the traffic I saw yesterday. It wasn’t too cold either and the wind was at my back. It wasn’t until I was crossing the parkway that I realized it’s so quiet because all the government workers have taken today off to go shopping on Black Friday in Syracuse. Well, at least I know two friends who have, so I imagine lots of others took the day too.

As I was cycling along the river pathway, not having seen another cyclist yet, I wondered whether I would see my ducks at Nepean Bay. My mind must have wandered because all of a sudden a flock of Canada geese was in my path just west of the railroad bridge.

I yelled my “HONK! HONK!” to make them scatter. (For some reason they seem attracted to bicycle bells that ping-ping, but scatter at loud noises.) When I looked in the water I saw bird butts sticking up in the air. They looked bigger than the ones I usually see, so I’m guessing that they were geese.

I only saw one pedestrian all the way from the bridge to the lights at the War Museum near the Chaudiere Bridge. A jogger was just ahead of me to push the button. When I arrived at my building, it was eerily quiet and I had a brief moment of panic where I thought I’d gotten up on Saturday to go to work. It was the same on my floor, not a sound for at least half an hour.

But woo-hoo! It’s Friday. Time to go nosing around the neighbourhood to see what’s new.