After an unexpectedly pleasant transit ride this morning, I decided to walk home from Hull (funny how that’s so close to “Hell”). The walk along the EB Eddy bridge was timed so that traffic was slowed down by the construction or I had time to jump out of the splashes. Once I got to the Somerset Bridge over the O-train, the sidewalks were much clearer. I suppose more people walk around there.

The first thing I noticed was that new benches had been installed on the south side of the bridge. The sidewalks are quite wide, and you could walk far enough away from traffic to avoid splatter from wet roads. As I walked up the bridge I wondered whether it was my imagination or had the benches on the north side been switch to face away from traffic? It’s nice that the bridge is finally done, complete with lighting for pedestrians. It’s odd that the lighting doesn’t seem to match Hintonburg or Preston, but at least there’s lighting, right?

Next up was the scaffolding in front of where the Chinese supermarket used to be. I looked up and realized that the store signs have finally been removed. I wondered whether Claridge would be opening a sales office there. Will have to check that out in a couple of weeks.

Going a bit farther west, I was hoping to see some progress at the Dog Sit Cafe. Still no sign installed, but they have added some Christmas decorations to the windows. I’m not a dog person but still it looks awfully cheap inside.

A bit farther along my walk, after Somerset turns into Wellington, I was looking forward to seeing the progress of the wine bar and Hintonburg Public House. The wine bar still looks a long way from opening, but the Public House had tables and chairs arranged inside. It was odd though because the tables didn’t match, even the height was different of ones pushed together. And the chairs looked like they’d been pulled from a skip. Maybe it’s not going to be a gastro pub?

After I crossed Holland I remembered to stop to see what paper had been posted in the window at the former Mostly Danish Furniture. I was quite disappointed, since it was information I already knew. The new location of the furniture store on Merivale Road. Oh well, I wasn’t going to be disappointed by my next stop.

Just beside Duss Brothers, Postino’s Panini and Espresso Bar was O-P-E-N! I was starving, but had no money. But I decided to stick my head in anyways. I met the postie’s wife and she explained he was out doing his deliveries. I started thinking that it’s awesome they have deliveries on their first day open. Then she corrected me and said he was delivering mail. They’re still tweaking their menu based on customer feedback (i.e. whole wheat buns), but here it is, fresh off the press: