After months of NosyNeighbour not getting me any  gossip, he finally returned with something juicy.

Our Saturday morning routine involves NosyNeighbour walking over to the Bagel Shop, buying four bagels and a newspaper (because that gets him to the minimum $ amount to use his debit card), then returning home to take our cat for a walk.

Today’s walk took them through Tramway Park and east along Byron Linear Pathway, down to Hampton. On their way back along Wellington, NosyNeighbour noticed some activity in the side entrance of Silk Road Treats (just beside Duss Brothers). My old hair dresser used to own this building, when it was known as Hair Rods. The side entrance is the door on the right, in what might have been a garage at one point.

The guy looks over at NosyNeighbour and our cat, and says, “Hello Wellington.” NosyNeighbour is wondering who this guy is. He doesn’t have a dog, which is how most people know our cat, who walks on a leash around the neighbourhood. He seems vaguely familiar, but Nosy Neighbour can’t place his face, yet.

Then the unknown guy waves over to Rob, the owner of Caffe Mio. Finally NosyNeighbour gets nosy for me. The conversation goes as follow:

NN: Whatcha up to?

Unknown guy: I’m opening a panini take out. (then looking down at the cat) Hey Wellington.

NN: How do you know Wellington?

Unknown guy: I deliver your mail and see him a lot with Moose, the poodle that lives up the street.

NN: The last guy was a tailor, right?

Mailman:  Ya.

NN: he wasn’t there very long.

Mailman: No, he wasn’t. I may not be either. They gave me a one year lease.  So I’ll try it out and if it works I’ll have to find another spot in the neighbourhood.

NN: What do you mean? You can’t renew after one year?

Mailman: Nope. The guys bought the hearing place as well, and both buildings should be razed within a year to make room for a large Chinese restaurant.

NN: That’s probably why they haven’t been able to lease the place next door. Who would lease a place for only one year? Well other than a mailman trying to make a go of a panini business.  When are you opening?

Mailman: The sign should be up in the next couple of days.

Then Wellington pulled NosyNeighbour towards home. I swear he was salivating with this piece of juicy gossip for me.

And I’ll be honest, it’s not what I want for the neighbourhood. If I wanted Chinese, I could go to the Won Ton House. If I wanted really good Chinese I’d go to Chinatown. But worse is the demolition of two beautiful houses, one of which will probably just become a parking lot.

Apparently these guys have money. But did you ever see anyone in the Bubble Tea place? or Silk Road Treats? I’m not confident in their ability to make a go of a large restaurant.

Will keep you in the loop as more develops.