Sometimes you have an errand to run and unintentionally stumble across new things in your neighbourhood. Like today, when I was on my way to the bank at Tunney’s, I noticed that Sushi Umi has a liquor license application posted in its window. And I know it’s new because the date is November 19, 2011.

It was pretty cold and windy today, so on my way to Tunney’s I went north on Caroline to avoid the wind tunnel effect on Holland. So I didn’t notice the next new thing until my return, when I decided to go back up Holland. It’s okay to have a wind tunnel if it’s pushing you, right?

As I was walking along the east side of Holland, I noticed some construction workers on the west side. I looked over and there was a big hole. And I wondered if it had been an empty lot or a parking lot. So when I returned home, I google mapped it. In the picture below, the house in the middle (which I think is 80 Holland) is no more. It seems kind of odd because I remember the house being fixed up on the outside. But strangely when you see the hole the lot seems bigger than what it shows below. Maybe more than one house was taken down?  Will have to let you know.

From google maps.

Also relatively new is the road diet on Scott Street between Island Park and Holland, complete with bike lanes. I noticed the dots showing the future lines last Friday cycling home from work. Then on Sunday after a hike in the Gatineau Park, the lanes west of Holland were painted. During today’s outing, I noticed very large bicycle chevrons on the outer lanes from Holland to Parkdale. I’m not sure how far the chevrons go east, but will look for them on my ride home from work tomorrow.