Yesterday we took a stroll east to Hintonburg. Our goal was to visit Carbon Computing to pick up some software for the Mac. But our visit was unfruitful (is that even a word?) because Apple has pulled most of their software and forces people to buy directly from them. Hmm, corporate America. Maybe I should have joined the Occupy Ottawa people and pushed for more competition and letting the little guys sell me stuff.

Okay, back to our walk. Although Carbon Computing was a definite visit, we also wanted to see what had happened with the Dog Cafe. In a previous post, we’d stopped to talk to one of the co-owners. CBC Ottawa had also recently done a story about the cafe banning pitbulls. The woman we spoke with had said they had hoped to be open for Taste of Wellington. But yesterday, the windows were still all papered over and there is no sign above the door.

I’m not sure if the neighbourhood is ready for a dog cafe. The Dogz Spa is also showing a for lease sign. Not sure if it’s moving or whether the sign is for another spot in the building.

Completely forgot to mention that the old pawn shop across the street from the Royal Oak no longer has a for lease sign. Must keep an eye on activity in there on my way home from work.

So back to the east end of Hintonburg. The future Bridgehead looks like a mess. It looks like lots of structural work is going on. Next door is the Hintonburg Public House, which is due to open next month. They are now hiring. If you’re interested, email

Isobel’s, a cupcake shop moving from Beechwood,  is also along this stretch. As I was sticking my face against the glass to peak in, a worker opened the door and let us know they’re opening this coming Tuesday. Free tasters to the first customers until they’re gone. Hmmmm, I think I’m available for that one!

Next door is 10Fourteen, a wine/tapas bar, which is also opening next month. If you’re interested in working there, e-mail You can also follow them on twitter @10fourteen.

So here’s the walk in pictures:

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