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Mark your calendars for this year’s epicurean treat: September 17th. Want more info?



Yesterday afternoon we decided to go for a walk over to Art-is-in Bakery. The forecast was sunny with cloudy periods and a warm westerly breeze gently nudged us along our way.

A few developments east of Parkdale: Read the rest of this entry »

While I can’t say I’m surprised that the “Friends of Landsowne” have filed an appeal, I am disappointed, frustrated and sick of all the nimbyism. Just where was this group when the stadium was falling apart and football had left Ottawa? Oh, that’s right, they were working on getting the Ottawa Ex out of Landsdowne. They must have felt happy in that success this year.

I’m so miffed because I suspect OSEG may walk away if it isn’t over by the end of the next appeal. And let’s not forget how much it’s costing taxpayers to defend the city’s position.

I keep thinking what can we do to the “Friends of Landsdowne” if OSEG does walk? Well this commenter on Ottawa Sun‘s pretty much captures my thoughts and then some:

Just_a_regular_Joe: These FOOLS need to get a life! I say bulldoze the place, build nothing but social housing, maybe even make it the red light district with brothels and rub and tug joints and strip bars and maybe even put in a “safe injection” site!


In case you’ve never seen a crane coming down, you’re in for a treat this weekend. On Saturday August 20, the crane at the Wellington at Island Park will come down.

Wellington will be closed from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. between Island Park Drive and Carleton Avenue. NosyNeighbour and I watched the crane go up and are looking forward to seeing it disappear, since this means another phase of construction is complete.

BTW, 101 Richmond is looking closer to completion every week.

But just when these two will be finished, 111 Richmond and Q the excitement will start. Will there ever be an end to the dust?

Muggy as today was, we took a stroll along the Byron pathway, which some call a park, down to Westboro.  My goal was to see progress on Westboro Station (and the Clocktower Pub) and to take a few pics of some changes that I’ve noticed but not posted yet. Read the rest of this entry »


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