Yesterday I brought NosyNeighbour on one of my newly found neighbourhood walks. Sometimes I walk through the farm, but when it’s hot out it’s nice to find an urban walk with shade. Our walk included exploring the path that runs parallel to the O-train tracks. It’s not as much of a goat trail as I thought it would be, but I still wouldn’t venture down there by myself. It does, however, provide shade. So that’s a plus.

On our way back, we mixed it up with a visit to Hintonburg Park. It was our first time going in, although we’ve walked past it many times. When the old stone wall was rebuilt, they added openings with wrought iron railings. It opens it up a bit, tempting you to go inside. The park has a huge open area that would be good for ultimate or kicking or throwing a ball around. On it’s northeastern edge is a cluster of large old trees that offer shade. Just west of that is the new splash pad. We walked by as two young girls ran through the water while at the same time pumping their water guns to spray each other. Oh what fun!

As we continued along, we noticed a few other developments. It looks like there’s progress at Back Lane Cafe. I remember posting last year that it was going to be open by fall 2011. Actually I think the sign said “coming this fall” so maybe they’ll just re-use it this year. I’m really curious about this one. It’s taking sooooo long, but so did Tennessee Willem across the street. And thinking about  across the street, I wonder what will happen to the now-closed KFC?

Heading west, Max’s shoe repair is now open. It seemed to have walls of purses, not shoes, but I suppose it’s another accessory for visitors/shoppers to buy after stocking up on jewelry and designer clothes. Check it out in the photos below.

And lastly, another building on Wellington has been sold. Advanced Hearing and Balance has been at the corner of Wellington and Mayfair for a few years. I’ve always thought it would make a great old-style British pub. We peaked through the front door glass and were amazed at all the original features still in the building. Even the old wallpaper is still intact in the front foyer. Will let you know what I find out.

And Pro-Shine Car Wash is back on OREB, listed at $1,625,000. The last deal fell through when the developer was unable to have the parking entrance off Rockhurst Road.

Here are the pics from the walk:

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