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Back Lane Cafe

After many months, the plywood is finally down on the future Back Lane Cafe. I read on another site that it had come down last week, so I thought I’d see what I could find out on today’s walk through Hintonburg. I was not disappointed.

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Breaking news … have you wondered whether Mostly Danish Furniture is leaving? Did you see the sign for the “end of lease sale”?

Well, it’s true. Read the rest of this entry »

On Tuesday July 19, a Company of Fools is performing Anthony and Cleopatra in Clare Park in Westboro.

Antony and Cleopatra is hands-down Shakespeare’s funniest tragedy. It’s hard to believe the Fools have never tackled this dramatic duo before. After all,the famous lovers are as worthy of mockery as any Hollywood couple (Clantony? Antopatra? TMZ is still working on the nickname). Cleo is queen of the divas. One minute she’s the embodiment of style and grace,the next minute she’s the most petulant of spoiled brats. Tony is the Roman Empire’s answer to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. He neglects his wife and his state for the love of a seductress from way down south. As Tony dallies in Egypt with his celebrity paramour,the Roman Empire is coming apart at the seams. Conspiracies,double-crosses and back-stabbing abound in the power vacuum left behind in his absence. Finally,forced to choose between love and duty,Antony flip-flops between being a heroic leader and a hen-pecked lapdog faster than a pancake cook at IHOP. Cleo tries to stand by her man,but can’t keep herself from pulling his strings. From full-on sea battles to a botched “noble end” that is literally gut-wrenching,Antony and Cleopatra is tragedy on hyperbolic steroids. In the hands of a Company of Fools,all that over-wrought mayhem translates into pure comedy gold. It’s so OTT you’ll LOL when A+C are DEAD.

Performances begin each evening at 7:00 p.m. Admission is:“pass-the-hat-pay-what-you-can”with a suggested minimum donation of $10. Read the rest of this entry »

Busy at the future ClockTower

Finally a morning that’s not to hot to go for a walk. Although I have to admit it was starting to get muggy by the time I got back. Here are the new (at least to me) developments in Westboro:

Workers were busy at the future ClockTower. The windows are papered up now with large signs advertising its coming. Read the rest of this entry »

This post is for my neighbour, who had noticed a sign in the window of the Lululemon store in Westboro. She knows I walk around the hood and asked me to find out if Lululemon was leaving. This time I used the Internet to find out what was up. According to their site:

We have some very exciting news! We will be temporarily re-locating our Westboro store. On August 7th we will be moving from 340 Richmond Road to 275 Richmond Road just a block away from our home store. This is due to some very exciting renovations that will be taking place in our original location.

Easy peezy, neighbour. What else would you like to know?  And FYI 275 Richmond is where the Village Squire used to be.

Yesterday I brought NosyNeighbour on one of my newly found neighbourhood walks. Sometimes I walk through the farm, but when it’s hot out it’s nice to find an urban walk with shade. Our walk included exploring the path that runs parallel to the O-train tracks. It’s not as much of a goat trail as I thought it would be, but I still wouldn’t venture down there by myself. It does, however, provide shade. So that’s a plus. Read the rest of this entry »

Shopper’s Drugmart is moving into Westboro. Into the new phase of Westboro Station, at its easternmost point. I’m sure the Pharmasave across the street isn’t happy. And neither am I, come to think of it. They have provided the worst service when it comes to anything health related and overcharge on many health products. I’ll stick with Rexall, thanks.  I love their new adds … they’re not a beauty store.




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