For the past month, I’ve been taking morning walks around the neighbourhood. Because of the construction at Westboro Station, sometimes I avoid going down to Golden because the south side of Richmond has been closed to pedestrians.

This morning I set off just after a big downpour thinking there would be fewer cyclists on the Byron path. In fact, I didn’t see any cyclists until I was west of Churchill. And that one was on the narrow sidewalk coming towards me. I decided to hold my ground and asked her where she’d like me to go? in the road? She said in a tick French accent, “But hi will get vet if hi cycle on the road.”  I don’t think she’d really thought that one through. I told her to take the road side and that she should be on the road. It’s a side WALK after all!

What's going on here?

But I digress. Because I had continued to the west side of Westboro, I walked back along Richmond to Churchill. I had seen this spot several times and wondered what they were doing. Where they creating a park in the alley?  This morning workers were busy laying cement blocks up the east side, adjacent to Adventure Travel. They were so close to the sidewalk, I had to ask: What are you doin’?

So I’m happy to say that Gozzygirl got the scoop: it’s going to be a Second Cup. But the real scoop is that it’s going to have a rooftop patio. Take that Starbucks! Take that Bridgehead I! Take that Bridgehead II!

Next walk I’ll have to ask the opening date.