On Sunday morning, NosyNeighbour and I went for a walk in the hood with a neighbour.  We headed east on Wellington and noticed that Max’s Shoe Repair now has its sign installed. Still no news on opening day.

Then we went through the Parkdale Market, heading towards Armstrong. The sweet smell of strawberries lured us towards the new meat section, where we browsed and contemplated a stop on our return home.

Infill on Fairmont south of Queensway

From there, we meandered through Hintonburg along Armstrong, eventually going back on to Wellington then up Fairmont and over to Little Italy to see the bike races. Just south of the Queensway we saw an interesting infill. The one on the corner was finished, and included a garage on the side. Presumably the others will look similar.

We saw part of the junior race, and they were going fast.  Really fast. We were at the corner of Preston and Aberdeen, waiting for the volunteer to let us cross the street when the three lead cyclists were heading for the corner. She told us to stand back because the cut the corner really close. One of the three wiped out. Thankfully he wasn’t badly hurt and he was able to get back on his bike before the rest of the pack caught up.

It was one of these three that fell (I think).

Of course photos can’t easily capture the speed.

Hard to believe they were the “juniors”!