This morning on our way back from the Parkdale Market, we noticed several people in the old Rideau Tailor’s location. In fact, two gentlemen entered right in front of us.

NosyNeighbour had lost his nerve, so I stuck my head in and asked what was going in.

A very energtic woman told me that she and her husband are moving their store from the market to this new location. There will be some overlap of the two locations.

And the store is … Kulu. They travel the world looking for stones and then design and make their own jewelry. The neighbourhood is fast becoming a location for artists and fashion. I hope the prices will be reasonable and that between Bija, Flock, Efemer and the new Kulu I’ll be able to find gifts for all the women in my life.

The new location should be open in July. They don’t have a web site so I can’t link to anything, but I did encourage her to at least get some visibility on facebook.