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This morning on our way back from the Parkdale Market, we noticed several people in the old Rideau Tailor’s location. In fact, two gentlemen entered right in front of us.

NosyNeighbour had lost his nerve, so I stuck my head in and asked what was going in.

A very energtic woman told me that she and her husband are moving their store from the market to this new location. There will be some overlap of the two locations.

And the store is … Read the rest of this entry »


For the first time, the National Capital Marathon and Half Marathon were routed through Hintonburg, Wellington Village and Westboro. We had originally planned to see the marathon runners, but didn’t have the timing right. When we got to the bottom of our street the race marshalls said they were waiting for one person. Instead we returned around 9:20 to watch the half marathoners.

The first few runners were fast. The pace they had was faster than me running for the last bus of the day.  The elite runners came in dribs and drabs, followed by the big crowds. It was great to see the neighbourhood out cheering them on. So here are the pics for your viewing enjoyment:

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If you see a pic of yourself and want a copy, just send me an email. I can send you high resolution.

Someone recently contacted me about when this year’s Taste of Wellington would take place. Well, according to the Wellington West BIA, it’s back to September (17th to be specific) this year. C’mon guys, quit flip flopping!

Here’s the scoop.

Thanks to NosyNeighbour, Gozzygirl is pleased to share the following updates to the Wellington West neighbourhood:

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This Saturday, May 14, at Westboro United Church courtyard (Richmond Road, just West of Churchill Ave.) 10/10/10 Ottawa is setting up at 9:00am, and will stick around as long as supplies last!
They’re giving away 350 free trees, and plenty of veggie and herb seeds to help you help Ottawa grow greener.  There is a plant sale happening, too. You can really get your garden going for the season!

Two things today. First, you may have noticed that Interscapes was closed for a major renovation. It seems that the renovation was “clearing out merchandise before the locks were changed.” I can’t say that I’m surprised after the service we had shortly after they opened. What we need is a pub in that location. I can dream, can’t I?

But even juicier was NosyNeighbour’s info from a certain former Ottawa Citizen writer. After this article, he contacted the author to ask about this part: Read the rest of this entry »


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