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In Westboro:

  • The long closed Extreme Pita is now a distant memory. The sign has finally been removed. Wonder how long until MEC starts demolition?
  • The Shoe Inn is now open.
  • The paper is still on the windows for Churchills, but they are now hiring, accepting applications at Milagros.
  • Pile driving has started at 111 Richmond, as work continues on 101.

In Wellington Village:

  • First Hush Little Baby closed, then Hush. A new consignment store has opened in its place. Sorry, the name escapes me, even though I pass by there often.
  • Majic Reproductions is going to become Mac’s Shoe. According to a worker it will sell and repair shoes and other leather goods.

In Hintonburg:

  • Bridgehead is moving in to Hintonburg at Fairmont. The CupeXXX video has moved across the street.
  • Alphasoul is now open.
  • Subway in Hintonburg is closed for renovations.

I wish I could have been the one to break this news ….

According to various mainstream media, Mill  Street Brewery is opening a brewery/restaurant in the former Mill Restaurant location. It should be an awesome location, close to Bluesfest and the water. And close to all those civil servants jammed into PDP. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been meaning to take a few photos, but keep forgetting to bring the camera when I go for a walk. Instead, I’ll tell you about things I’ve seen or heard:

  • The former location of Magic Reproductions on Wellington near Holland has been leased. No news on what’s going in.
  • The former location of Gift-O-Rama on Wellington is going to be Efemer Jewelry, which  specializes in silver and high-end costume jewellery. They already have a retail store in Les Galleries de Hull, but are mostly web-based. (What would the Dragons think?)
  • The Village Quire in Westboro is moving farther west along Richmond Road to the same block as The Works.
  • The third spot in the Churchills redevelopment has been leased.
  • The Clocktower will be the new beer provider for Westfest. This is to promote their new location in Westboro Station, slated to open this summer.
  • Alphasoul is having its grand opening on Tuesday, April 26, at 11:00 am.  According to the Wellington West BIA:The grand opening celebration will debut with the tearing down of the purple wall that has isolated the building throughout the fall and winter, while it underwent major construction.  This same wall will be sold piece by piece to raise money for “Habitat for Humanity” whilst a couple of Fools from the “Company of Fools” wreak havoc.

    Amidst a French café vibe, AlphaSoul Café will provide a much needed neighbourhood-based coffeebar and source for quality “fast food.”  As opening day progresses, wine and cocktails will join the mix, with occasional light entertainment, music and poetry into the night…

    Thursday, April 28th… announcing Hintonburg’s Writer’s Night featuring our local STARS, Ottawa Book Award winners Craig Poile and Andrew Horrall… hosted by Ken Rockburn… 7:30 p m to 9:00 pm.

Photos may follow…

(From the Ottawa Citizen, April 4, 2011)

Rising from the steps of the church, and pointing my face into the spring sun reaching the street without hindrance from high rises, I march on down Wellington.

The street is indeed named after the British warrior and prime minister known as the Iron Duke, an Anglo-Irishman by birth. Wellington the militarist, then Master General of the Board of Ordnance, conceived of the need for a colonial canal between the Rideau River and the St. Lawrence, and dispatched one Lt.-Col. John By in 1826 to make it so. Two years later, Wellington was both prime minister and First Lord of the Treasury (not a bad job) and secured the money to make the canal possible. By returned the favour, when laying out the nascent Bytown, by naming one of the two primary streets after his employer. And I have a pair of the duke’s boots. Read the rest of this entry »


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