Today I was out with a friend going for a walk to the library. As we get closer to Holland, I can hear the tut-tut-tut of workmen along Holland. Then I see that the door is open where the Gift-O-Rama used to be.

I recently posted that it was a business that was gone and the space was leased. I walked up to a guy who was busy chiseling away at the old floor and asked him if he knew what was going in. He said he didn’t, that he was just paid to rip up the floor. But he said he’d see if he could find out by the time we walked back. (It must have been the hat I was wearing. Most people seem to like it.)

On our way back, I had to keep reminding myself to walk on that side of the road again.  And my nosiness paid off. The worker had indeed found out what was going in …. a jewelry store. Not the really ritzy kind, as he put it, but the designer type. Then I said, “Oh, like Bija and Flock.” And he looked at me with completely blank eyes and said he had no idea what I was talking about. So we left it at that.

I suspect in another few weeks the owners will be around to inspect so I’ll keep an eye out for opening date and store name.