Usually when NosyNeighbour and I go for a walk in the hood, he‘s the one sticking his head in behind closed doors to ask whazzup. Today it was my turn. We walked down to MEC, warmed up inside, then turned back to walk past what I had believed to be the site of the future Churchill Arms.

The blue tarp was off the western half of the construction site, and we looked in through the windows at a long narrow hallway and narrowish retail space. But next door was where all the action was. The windows were newspapered over, and for some region NosyNeighbour didn’t want to walk in, even though the door was unlocked.

So I walked in and saw two guys busy working, running wires and such. “Hey guys,” I said. “Just wondering what’s going in here.” And here’s what I learned:

  • The eastern half will be the site of a new restaurant/pub called Churchill’s. The two chefs who own Milagro’s across the street will be splitting duties one on each side of the road.
  • One of the chefs was inside the future Churchills and assured me that all of the food will be F-R-E-S-H … nothing will be coming out of packages.
  • Beers include Sleeman’s, Kronenburg, Carlsburg, Strongbow, Guinness.
  • To the west a shoe store and tea shop are expected to move in.

That was quite  fruitful conversation.

Noticeably missing from across the street was Jack Jones, which I’d mentioned in a recent post.

And to round out the what’s new in Westboro gossip, I had dinner with a friend at Corner Bar and Grill on Monday. Service was great, food was good, menu has a decent selection. Forgot to bring the camera to take pics. Maybe next time.