The Ganglion Tryst continues. If you stumbled across this post, read this one first.

“Vanessa. Vanessa. Can you hear me? You’re in post-op. You had a reaction to the anesthetic.”

“I think she’s coming around,” said Dr. Tussem.

Vanessa slowly opened her eyes. Dr. Tussem was going in and out of focus and sounded a bit distorted. She asked the surgeon how the operation had gone, wondering about life without the lump.

“We removed two masses. There was no damage to your tendons and minimal damage to your nerves,” said Dr. Tussem. “You did, however, have a minor reaction to the anesthetic and had us a bit worried for a while there.”

Two hours later Vanessa was wheeled by an orderly to the front door of the hospital, where Mike was ready with the car. “How did it go?” he asked.

“You don’t want to know,” Vanessa replied.

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, but not for shrimp.”