Okay, so I’m not sure how new some of this stuff is, but it’s new to me. We took a walk down to Westboro and forgot to bring the camera. The photos were taken with a really old cell phone and are grainy, but you’ll get the gist of what’s where.

Starting at the western edge of Westboro:

  • in the Westboro Station building, Pierio Scarfo Salon has opened …. looks very expensive.
  • also in Westboro Station, Magpie Jewelry will be opening soon.
  • At Roosevelt, in the same building as American Apparel, Snap Fitness has opened.
  • Near MEC, it looks like the Extreme Pita has closed. We looked in past the “Closed for Business” sign and the counters were bear, other than a few small boxes at one end.  It’s no longer listed as a location on the company’s web site.
  • Progress continues on what used to be the old lighting/antique store. It’s being doubled in size for what rumour has will be a new pub: The Churchill Arms.
  • The Corner Bar and Grill looks just about complete inside.
  • A few doors down in what was a satellite store of The Expedition Shoppe is now Naked Fish Sushi
  • And across the street is Jack Jones, a new men’s clothing store.