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I’m cheap and so is NosyNeighbour. I also learned how to do origami after our honeymoon. While we were on the TGV, stopped, a Japanese lady was sitting across the aisle from us. NosyNeighbour used his limited Japanese (as in from rock songs) and she started talking Japanese really fast. Then she showed me how to make an origami swan. I used it as a template to make game pieces for our first anniversary gift (it was paper that year). Read the rest of this entry »


That’s the slogan for LG. And life wasn’t good for our LG Tromm washer on the weekend. As the washer went through its cycles, we sat above it watching TV. When it reached the spin cycle, a strange whirring sound began. We thought it was the TV at first. The sound ceased almost as soon as it began. Read the rest of this entry »


Development application


NosyNeighbour had some time on his hands today and sent me the link to this development application. It seems MEC is expanding. Does this mean we’re loosing Extreme Pita and AutoRacks?  And Brio too I think.

I’ve been meaning to post the following update, but keep forgetting to upload the photos I took to remind myself when I got back home:

In Westboro: Read the rest of this entry »

My Mu24

A week ago I bought a new Dahon folding bike. I’d already ridden NosyNeighbour’s new folding bike and knew I wanted one. The challenge was what type (i.e. how fast?) and when to buy.

I ended up getting the model one faster that NosyNeighbour’s. I tried the true road bike and it really rocketed.  But the body position wasn’t right. I thought about getting a custom fitted Bike Friday, but just couldn’t rationalize spending that kind of money without even trying one. Read the rest of this entry »


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