Okay, I found another Libra Girl tear off and am adding to my previous post on Odd Spots from Libra Girl down under:

Odd Spot #358  Tuna suffocate if they stop swimming.

Odd Spot #29  An igloo is so well insulated that you can sit inside without a coat when the outside temperature is as low as -30 degrees.

Odd Spot #1  The first VCR was made in 1956 and was the size of a piano.

Odd Spot #299  90% of all living things in the sea are made up of plankton.

Odd Spot #311  It takes a week to make jelly beans.

Odd Spot #412  Milk is heavier than cream.

Odd Spot #194  The U.S. bought Florida from Spain

Odd Spot #204  Four tablespoons of tomato sauce contains the nutritional equivalent of a medium sized tomato.

Odd Spot #406  Rabbits are born hairless and with closed eyes; hares are born covered with fur and with open eyes.

Odd Spot #259  In ancient Rome, oysters were so highly prized that they were sold for their weight in gold.

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