Okay, guys may not like this post. Unless they’re trivia buffs.

When we were in  New Zealand earlier this year, I picked up some maxipads made by an ozzie firm Libra. On the piece of paper that you pull off to affix the pad are a series of what Libra calls “odd spots”. Here are the ones I’ve had so far this month:

ODD SPOT #266  The cashew nut belongs to the poison ivy family.

ODD SPOT #135   The cheetah is the only cat that can’t retract its claws.

ODD SPOT #109   If the stomach did not store food, people would have to eat every 20 minutes.

ODD SPOT #320   Brontology is the study of thunder.

ODD SPOT #107   Fingernails grow faster on your favoured hand.

ODD SPOT #214   The average adult eyeball weights under 30 grams.

ODD SPOT #356   Podiatrists state that the average pair of feet travel about 190,000 km in a lifetime.

ODD SPOT #168   Clams have a row of eyes around their shells.

ODD SPOT #352    Owls are the only birds that can see the colour blue.

ODD SPOT #329   The left lung is smaller than the right, allowing room for your heart.

It’s the only time NosyNeighbour and I have had a discussion about feminine personal hygiene products and laughed!