I probably shouldn’t admit that I still watch Y&R. It got me through junior high and high school and became the subject of a 17-page essay for my “On Television” course in university. Coronation Street has much better writing and acting and more believable story lines. There are no evil twins or dead people coming back to life on Corrie.

So here’s why I’m admitting to still watching Y&R. For the past week, Victor Newman has been following leads on the location of his supposedly dead son. As it turns out, son Adam is not dead. He took a cab to a farmer’s cornfield, where he was flown from Wisconsin to Ottawa in a cropduster. I google mapped it and it’s about 1500 km. So I really don’t see how you could fly a crop duster that far. Then there’s the parachuting towards the flashing light. While I’ll admit there are a lot of farms within the city boundary, you really can’t miss Barrhaven, Kanata, etc. That made me wonder about the storyline.

But it got worse. Victor walks into a bar in Ottawa, “by the harbour” looking for the guy who brought Adam to the freighter that went to Brazil. Okay, which harbour would that be?  And Adam took a boat to Quebec? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just take one of the bridges? Geez, driving out to Fitzroy Harbour to take the ferry?

So let’s see, they couldn’t include a shot of the canal or the Parliament Buildings. There’s no French nobody is saying “eh” or “aboot” or “ewt and abewt”? It’s just not Canadian. And where is the Tim Horton’s?

Could somebody from Canadian Tourism, Telefilm Canada or Ottawa Toursim PLEASE contact the producers so that next time they get it right!